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Vacation Denied, ( what in the actual...)

It's that time of year when many of us are thinking about vacations and making plans. Now some of you may have a head start on this, people like my wife whom when the on-line booking for camping opened up she was there on the site waiting in the que to book our sites. Then after she gets our site, I generally get a text that tells me she got it and then a list of dates we are booked for. Sounds like a fun time. Let's hope for some great weather. More importantly let's hope for the time off. And that's it right there folks, those two words, " time off" I read something the other day that really made me think and wonder about these vacation requests we put in and I agree with what I read, there's g2b a better way for the title of the form, which in most places is something like, " Vacation Request", perhaps "Time Off Request", but I kinda agree with one's perspective that " Vacation Awareness" is a more appropriate term. Basically you are telling your employer that your are not actually requesting anything, you are simply making them aware that they won't see you. I read this and I was like how ingenious is the person that put that together. I don't care where you work, if you just served me my coffee at the drive thru or if you recently did my someone's blood work there is not anyone out there whom does not deserve their earned vacation. For those of us in the healthcare industry I am sure at some point you have been informed "Vacation Denied". Not fun. But, you don't have to be in healthcare to have this happen. When time that is important to you is denied, for whatever reason it is disappointing and it feels crappy, let's be honest it freaking sucks. But since healthcare is kinda a passion of mine and where my experience is at, I at times sit back and laugh when folks say to me that they are denied requests due to staffing issues. This one makes me laugh cause honestly we in healthcare have been short staffed for years. So why the heck would anyone be denied a vacation now. Gosh most of us work short staffed everyday for whatever reason or another, we are well aware that if we can work short on a regular basis, than yup we and our co-workers already know that if one of us takes a vacation, we will working short during that time as well. This is not news to us. It is not our fault we are short staffed. Think about how many times you work short staffed. This is for anyone in the working force. Not at all limited to healthcare. But still think for a moment how many times a month you work short staffed. Does your company change the workload? Is the same expectation there to do all that you do when you are fully staffed ? Let's use as an example a fast food establishment, this particular business is short staffed today, but the number of customers is not changing and it's business per usual to any of us wanting to place an order for food and or simply go get a coffee. So, they have less staff which means orders make take longer, drive thru may be backed up, but business as usual. Damn straight anyone working there deserves their vacation. And more importantly when they want it. So many times when we are out and about organizations, businesses are working short staffed on the daily. And too many times the problem isn't fixed. Those staff that have already worked all those shifts short, and still had to do their best to meet demands and expectations well I think I am safe to say, " Vacation Needed" certainly if ones pay isn't changing in the sense that it needs to go up than an employer can certainly at least notice the value in one's much needed vacation "awareness" time. Staff in all areas of work need time off. To be denied for any reason is not right. I recently read the terminology "Vacation Blackout" I sat back and laughed at first, thinking what I was reading was perhaps a typo, to my surprise it wasn't. Apparently it had to do with "operational needs", I can understand that if it was possibly around Christmas, many of us in healthcare especially are not new to the expectations of us all around fair scheduling during those two weeks of coverage for Christmas and New Year's, we all have to take our share at this. But a blackout vacation period during , I don't know lets' use as an example May to and including part of July, could be April to August doesnt matter those examples are well it just seems a bit much. A bit excessive, and anything outside of the 2 weeks for Christmas seems questionable. If this was me personally in this situation, then an event I have been attending for that past 10years or more, which may not mean much to somebody else but may mean something to me, well now I can't attend that event due to this new thing called a Vacation Blackout. Surely an organization can find a Better Way. Many of you reading this maybe thinking, " that can't be right", but we as humans don't force ourselves to think about anthers situation if it really doesn't have an effect on our lives. Truth is that I believe in fairness to all humans. Not just healthcare, but everyone. If I go through your drive thru for my morning coffee, I consider the value of your job and the value of your vacation just to be as important as mine. Demands on every work environment are increasing, workload is always heavy and most times many of us are working short at some point during our shift. It is not fair for any of us to look at our co worker's and place blame, or to make comments when they leave as we may still be there feeling like we are drowning. We need to stand together, thank each other for showing up and doing the best they can do while there. Many of us are tired from working short all the time, and when our shift is done we want to leave, it should not be an expectation of us or our fellow workers to just fill in the gaps. This being when someone is ill and when someone is on a much deserved time off. Not everyone has sick time, doesn't mean they don't get sick. Gosh same goes for vacation, you may not have the time, so anyone that puts in the form already knows they aren't getting paid. I would think that if they are still wanting the time to be away, than it must be damn important to them, and how can anyone just deny that. I don't have the answer. My there's g2b a better way is to fight for rights, and speak the truth that you know and stand together. Do what is best for you and your family. You are number 1. It's no good to sit and complain about something if you don't try and do something about it. Strength in numbers. I hope you all have great vacation AWARENESSES this year. Remember no matter where you work, the time you give to your work is always valued by your co workers. Just showing up and being present is awesome. Don't forget though that your personal time is just as important as the time you give to your work. Let's all laugh a little and call those " vacation request " forms, ( there's g2b a better way) " Vacation Awareness " forms. My wife will not like this post cause now all her staff will be changing their requests to , " Awareness" ( they are making her aware... they won't be there, Enjoy your time off folks! ) lol sorry hun, I am the voice of the people lol 😂 Remember to speak respectfully whether you agree or disagree. Please if you like this post share so others can read. (it helps me out as well)

Thanks for reading,

Rhonda Roy

There's g2b a better way/

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