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Pink Shovel please

Just checking in ! I'll start my blog off by saying thank goodness January is done. WOW folks what a long year that was. Yup that's right I said a year cause that is exactly how that month felt. It was 31 days that lasted 1 full year. But here we are. We made it. Give yourself a pat on the back, you survived. They say that from Nov 16th through to January 22 is the longest darkest time. I felt that this year for sure. Every day I tried to find what the better way was for getting through it and to be honest I was probably just in survival mode and don't really remember much of it but it's past. Here I am and here you are as well. Finally February, we here in Nova Scotia have been battling snow and cold but it's not really bothering me to much. You may be wondering why so let me tell ya. It's heart month folks. One of my favourite things is Valentines and then Easter the fact that already early into February with all this snow and cold weather I'm ok with it cause I love heart month. For those of you that also follow my facebook you will also be aware that I am taking part in the 72km Heart Month Challenge for Heart and Stroke. So please feel free to go to my home page and click on the link and make a donation and I'll do all the rest of the work for you. When you click on the link the money goes directly to the foundation. I made the first donation to get the ball rolling. I should also mention that my wife Kim is doing the push-up challenge for Mental Health as well this month. Again you can find her fundraiser link on her Facebook page as well. It is challenge month here for us at our home. I realize it has been a bit since my last blog post and for all you wonderful humans that have been following my blog, first and foremost Thank you 🙏 and second my posts may be slow coming to ya but have no fear I am still here and trying to balance everything. Of course I must admit writing came very easily when Kim and Kyle were doing all kinds of crazy shit. I could take any of their daily stuff and basically turn it into anything worth reading. Always finding the humorous side of it all. So I'm not sure if they just caught onto me or perhaps I just stopped noticing. They both are fully aware that when I write about the craziness of home that those blogs get the best hits from you all. So I'm wondering what's everyone's thoughts on shoveling snow, all this fluffy white stuff. Tell me now if you had a snowblower would you use it or would you still shovel ? My wife ( yes I love her) drives me crazier than a made dog in these storm conditions. She is one of those people that needs to go out and shovel that snow every 2 damn hours. She has to stay ahead of it or at least try. And for anyone that lives on our street you would have noticed that I was out there with her. Actually, I went out on my own a few times as it was MY SHIFT. The driveway is clear now, there is plenty of room for our vehicles. So then you are probably wondering why I would even bother to bring this up. Wait for it , cause there's G2B a better way .. so my mother-in-law lives just a few homes down from us and guess what she owns a snowblower. Yup that's right. A snowblower. We shoveled here and there yesterday several times throughout the day and there is a snowblower just a few feet away. Now I have never used this snowblower but my wife tells me that it's big and difficult and that she would rather shovel. I can't say that she is right or wrong because like I said I have never used this particular snowblower but damn I'd sure like to pass my own judgment on that. If you could have been a fly on the wall in this house yesterday as I firmly stated my case for the snowblower and she also firmly stated hers for the shovel you would have pulled up a chair and made popcorn 🍿 for the show that unfolded. I'd like to say that I won but like I said I was out with my wonderful shovel many times so that right there should tell you the answer as to whom won that conversation. I won't give her all the credit because when it comes to arguments I don't back down easily let's be honest I don't really back down at all. But I did cave a bit and ended the argument by saying the discussion was closed. After which I went into full energy mode and grabbed that damn shovel and threw that stuff like shit hit the fan. It's so funny at times how you have these disagreements with your spouse,your kids and after it's all over you sit back and kinda chuckle. As I sit here writing this I'm still only laughing a little but having a laugh at least. It's healthy to have differences and difficult conversations. Yeah sometimes they can get nasty you say something in the moment that you can't take back but really it doesn't change anything. I still love her. I don't like our shovels lol but I do love my wife. But again it's no surprise that you argue with partners. Like seriously I drive her crazy and like wise. We both signed up for it. lol. Although I'm going to have to check out our marriage agreement because I'm sure somewhere or at some point I never did agree to this 2hr shifts of shoveling nonsense when a snowblower is available. I guess it's about giving in and not always having the upper hand. The job got done. ( perhaps could have been done quicker, but I'll let it go ) 😊👍 I hope that if you also found last month long then find your own there's G2B a better way for this month. Find something that changes your mindset. It's heart ❤️ month. This month isn't just about couples, or finding love , it's about self love as well. Even when I was single I just always loved heart month. Don't let this month pressure you if you are single. Enjoy your life. Love you. Self care folks. Let's all get through this together, we are closer to spring and nicer weather. To my wife, happy heart month and FYI forget the flowers 💐 and chocolates 🍫 cause for Valentines Day I want a pink shovel. ( make sure it's light weight pls )😊 and sushi 🍣 , I want that too xo

Thanks for reading

Rhonda Roy

There's G2B a better way/

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