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Whack A Mole

I’m sure you have played the game Whack A Mole at one time or another and if you haven’t then I’d suggest to give it a try at least once. I don’t know who actually came up with the idea but good on them as it’s a silly fun game for kids and adults. I was actually thinking 🤔 about how I always joke with my mom and my wife at times that we have spies around us. I’m one of those humans who think that the camera on the computer screen needs to be covered at all times cause I’m certain there is some computer techy individual out there starring at me as I’m trying to figure out how to even get my damn computer to work and then I’m probably sitting in my housecoat and I can’t help but wonder if someone from somewhere is able to see me thinking to themselves, “ what is this fool trying to do!” I guess perhaps I joke and think my phone is always hearing conversations and then all of a sudden ads pop up in your Facebook that ironically is similar to a conversation you may have had with someone. Like for example, the other day my son and I were talking about rain gutters, yup just a simple conversation about something as stupid as rain cutters. But coincidentally the very next day I had these ads on my facebook feed about rain gutters and businesses that clean them. Gosh I even had them pop up on my Pinterest. Coincidentally this happened some may say but I say , “ Coincidence my ASS”. You have to be so careful what to say cause if nothing else your phone or Google will constantly remind you of what you said it’s like this intelligence is reading our minds. I call it an Artificial intelligence, or Spy but there’s g2b a better way so I’d like to use the term mole. Have you ever heard someone say, “ there’s a mole ?”. No I’m not talking about that annoying little creature that freaks me out I’m talking about the human version. That designated person that watches you and monitors what you do for whatever reason. Sometimes when I think I’m being watched or perhaps someone follows one of my socials and or, for an example this blog, I’m hoping it’s for the fact that they enjoy the content and not just trying to get info and take a picture to capture the message. Like, who does that and gosh I hope the pay is awesome and the benefits good. Why does anyone care what one posts on social media? If you find a post trashy no one says you have to read it or even respond. If I post something about a direct individual and or business, one would know because I would have their permission to post the name. But my blog isn’t about trashing individuals and or businesses. My blog, if you read it is about my personal experience and the delivery of that is by me personally. I don’t articulate my thoughts by using AI for the best grammar ( clearly as my wife is always telling me every incorrect grammar) I write about experience and feelings and what I see and how I see it. I have a really odd gift of being able to feel others emotions and am often able to relate to them and then express it in words. If I am part of an experience whether it be good or bad I blog it. My blog is about content that humans can relate too. It’s called , “ relatable content”. Let’s say for the sake of saying it “ a mole” has found interest in my work (finally, I’d like to get paid for what I write! lol). ohh a spy 🕵️ then I’d like to welcome you to all of my socials and also this blog. This is me. These are my personal accounts of my life. Thank you for taking an interest. I sure hope you enjoy the content and the more you share the greater my audience grows. My socials are open to the public and that is mainly due to the fact that I am trying to grow this blog so the more people that have access the better it is for me. I hate the thought though of people monitoring our social networks. I mean I suppose it’s happening all over but that doesn’t make it right. I’m not allowed to openly blast a business but a business can monitor me. Seems odd. Well it’s a good thing we have freedom of expression and freedom of speech. We used to have to hide our thoughts in journals back in the day, we don’t have to do that anymore. We don’t have to hide feelings or thoughts. If one chooses they can write about experiences and trust that perhaps it offers something good to think about or even helps in creating a positive impact on others. My contribution to this blog and others is to share honestly and respectfully. I sometimes write with a bit of humour but mostly I’m fueled by standing for truths. The truth of expressing an emotion of an experience that has impacted myself and or others. If I am part of the experience whatsoever it maybe and I feel the need for it to be expressed you can be certain I will tell my story . I guess it is true “ only the guy who isn’t rowing 🚣 has time to rock the boat”. Hey, after writing this blog I wonder what my Facebook ads will be about tomorrow

Thanks for reading

Rhonda Roy

There’s G2B a better way

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Jun 02

Always enjoy reading your Blog l was late reading this one

due to sickness Looking forward to the next one Have a great day

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