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Character Building... trying to stay sane !

I read a post on Pinterest this morning that said, “Never say you are having a bad day, say you are having a character building day” Well if this has any truth to it then I have been having “character building” days since Friday. (Probably everyday of my life) Anything that could go wrong did and then some. All from having stubborn computer issues, to phone storage space to really anything. Yesterday my laptop was just being an asshole, now some of you may say that its possibly the user but really, a little support here for me the no techy. Technology is great when it works, but how many of us out there get extremely frustrated when even the simplest of tasks don’t work. I mean I don’t claim to be the smartest person out there, but I am also not the dumbest. I’d like to think I can do the basics and figure out how to maneuver through programs and sites. But who knows, maybe if my laptop could talk, it would say, “Go get the book, Laptop for Dummies” well maybe I will. (If there is such a book) I am sure my google home and or Siri will soon generate some possible suggestions because I read that line out loud and now, my social media will just send ads suggesting anything related. I feel like these things read our minds. If there is a better way for this whole techy world, then bring it on cause the better way for me an hour ago was taking this device and throwing it out the door. And for me when the screen has that little blue thing spinning, I feel the need to pound on that enter key. May not fix anything but it sure does bring me some joy! (I’m sure many of you can relate) But whatever the issue was, it seems to have corrected itself and all is good now.

Let’s now move from technology to teenagers, any of you have this creature living under your roof? Well, we do! And this makes our lives quite interesting. All week all I have heard is, “we have no food in this house” basically what in fact he is saying is, “mom when you are going to cook” with a huge question make at the end of that statement. First let me clarify that there is in fact lots for food in this house but seems since I got started with this blog (my personal project) I may have lacked on some other things. Apparently cooking is one of them. In my defense I personally must remind him that lately every time I do cook a meal, he is never hungry for it as he fills up on whatever he can until mealtime, then doesn’t eat when its made and hates leftovers. This is a constant battle. He is on his gaming system all night and sleeps most of the day, this creature literally just came out of his room a moment ago and stands in front of me with a little grin and says, “well, well mom look where you are again” and yup every time he comes out of his room lately, I am sitting at this laptop. Either cursing at it or loving it cause its working so smoothly.

More about this 16yr old that calls me mom, well he loves to call me bro, and is always trying to put me in a headlock (with much love) He is super kind and funny, very smart but seems to lack in preforming to his highest level and takes the easy road to anything school related. But he keeps things very entertaining around here. Like, almost everyday he comes to me with some sort of medical issue. Whether it’s his allergies, or some type of pain to any part of his body, which mostly are his legs or feet or arms. This kid can’t be mine because he has literally no pain threshold. He complains so much half of the time I am not really listening. (I’m usually thinking … what now, or here we go again) then when he does come to me for medical issues, he never usually listens. If I say, “I don’t know” his response its “but you’re a nurse” and if I do know then he never seems to take the suggestion and will google it anyway. Its really a no-win situation for me. Like how everyday his allergies seem to be acting up, simply put I can remind him to take his allergy med daily, but of course this suggestion doesn’t seem to be part of his plan, so instead we just listen to him blowing his nose literally for hours. Fun times, as I am here trying to write and that’s what I am hearing in the background. I don’t know how he hasn’t blown out his actual brain yet.

Another dilemma with this creature (I love him) is can openers… yes can openers. I don’t know how many of these things we have purchased, gosh he even got one in his stocking for Christmas. And I don’t know what the problem is, but HE claims that they do not work properly. And I know something isn’t working right cause when we get up in the morning there is much evidence on the counter, in the sink and gosh I have seen it on the wall the contents of the can in fact he has tried to open. And its always the can opener, not the user. I can relate, because I feel the same way when it comes to this laptop.

Food... huge issue here at our residence. He either eats all or nothing. And that’s okay except when my wife has purchased something for her lunch. (She is big into meal prepping) This kid gets up through the night I don’t know when exactly because he eats at the oddest times, all I do know is of all the choices in the fridge he seems to always be drawn to what she uses and or needs. They have similar tastes and even though they are not blood related, they are so much alike its unbelievable. Different but the same. To help this from becoming an issue for the rest of our lives, labeling stuff may help, but my wife is smarter that that, I think she hides things. Which I’m not sure if that always works because he is super great at finding anything. Especially if it is food related. I swear this kid has a hollow leg.

Speaking of finding things, this is always something I look forward to every morning. (Not really) but I am always finding dishes, cups and utensils in his room. I don’t know what he does at night when the rest of the world is sleeping but he seems to be having a quite of a buffet. Seems to be able to transport the dishes to his room but forgets to transport them back out. Must be a communication error on my part, I’m sure.

If anyone reading this is relating, then you know that showers are also of priority to this generation. No, I don’t mean the struggle of getting him to shower, its really the length of time in the shower and how many towels does one need for one shower?! This answer I’m guessing is one towel, but I have seen multiples, and they are never used a second time, He has a system that looks much like this… towels used once only... and shower long enough to use all the hot water. As I am writing this now, the background noise remains the same, blowing nose and this time the shower is running.

This kid brings so much joy and so much stress and there are days I can not distinguish between the joy and the stress. I am very certain I am not alone in this. I do know that I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. I just love parenting a teenager, a version of myself, that now towers over me. Gives the best hugs, makes me laugh even when he stresses me out. He has a funny way of showing love, but he does show it. And I love it when he calls me “bro” and then headlocks me and says, “love you mom” And one more thing, he recently just go his beginners and I am quite certain that this pain in my right foot/leg is from driving with him. My nursing knowledge tells me that is from applying constant pressure/force to my body and not being relaxed, bracing myself trying to push the brake, which I never find because I am in the passenger seat. I do not need to google that. I understand the brake does not exist on myside when driving with him, but I am also fully aware that it doesn’t matter. I will continue to brace myself until I find it, or until when I yell “slowdown” loud enough that he listens. I’m sure there’s G2B A Better Way… but yet again I’m still am figuring it out.

Thanks for reading, until next time this is Rhonda Roy … there’s G2B A Better Way

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