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Whatever Is Good For Your Soul, Do That!

“I’ll spread my wings, and I’ll learn how to fly, I’ll do what it takes, ‘til I touch the sky, and I’ll make a wish, take a chance, make a change and breakaway” “Though its not easy….I gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change and breakaway” song lyrics by Kelly Clarkson Breakaway A song about breaking away from an old life and trying a new one!

Life is changing, the road and path I am on with lots of support from behind and beside me as I walk my way is felt. I left work one day, and several days later I had a thought that there’s G2B a better way. And though I had no idea what that looked like I was determined it would be a positive way for myself personally and my family. And with many personal side projects on the go and giving it my all, I was given another opportunity as well this morning apart from this that helps to generate some cash flow. (A job, a paying job) But also offers me the space to work on my blog and the Esty business. I get to work with a great business and have human interaction and feel that I am contributing once again. I am excited to continue to move onward and upwards.

I ran a couple ad campaigns on Pinterest for my blog a short time ago with hopes of generating traffic and it proved to be a positive investment. My Pinterest account got 3.8k views, gained 2 Pinterest followers and got some increased traffic to my blog. I have visitors to my site from my local town and surrounding areas. From Halifax and Dartmouth, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick and 3 different areas from the USA. My blog is free so no this did not gain me any extra cash, but my hopes were only to gain traffic and following and it did just that. Thanks to anyone who stops by to read this blog, I hope you are enjoying it and continue to comeback.

Recently I have had a thought process around Esty about a way of earning some small cash as a side hustle. This is in the way beginning stages and has room for growth and product change, but I kept it simple and will do more with it as I learn myself the ins and outs of this type of business. Which like I said is in the very early beginning stages. This business is called Peaceful Visuals and I sell Digital Downloads of my nature pics that I have personally taken. No, I am not a professional photographer, much like I am not a professional writer, but I do have a passion for nature and love trying to get the perfect shot. So, my pics are literally from the eye of the hiker.

There’s G2B A Better way… that is exactly what I set out to find about my life. And though all of it is remains in early phases it is moving, and this fun job opportunity that I was lucky to land this morning seems to be in complete line of what I need to get to where I am going. Its all so different, such a change! But change can be great and positive.

You must learn that if your life needs change you can change your mindset to, There’s G2B A Better Way, and Go… Stay with me folks on this amazing journey. Its now or never.

Rhonda Roy There's G2B A Better Way


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