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There’s G2B A Better Way… is my thought process, and if anyone out there is reading this and you find yourself in a situation where change is needed, then I hope you take a moment to sit quietly with your thoughts and see what that better way may look like for yourself.

This doesn’t have to be a deep realization about life, it can be simple enough as finding a destination you need to get to. Gosh google maps can easily suggest to you the quickest route to literally anywhere. How often have you been driving had a route mapped out and google makes another suggestion based on traffic levels and road closures, thus your GPS is saying, there’s a better way to where you want to go and most of us will take the suggested path it is suggesting. We as humans are very quick to give advice to others to help our friends and family find their better way, but often for our own self we tend to yield on the side of caution.

Finding a better way means stepping into the unknown and trusting your intuition. Sometimes this is without ease and other times it’s a very difficult path. And it may seem that the better way is not the better way at all. So, you look for signs, that gut feeling that tells you what is happening is happening because it is in line with your path. Its more difficult to use this thought process in living your personal life because we value our life and what if something goes wrong. Yet if a friend, suggested a better way of cooking a turkey, or a better way of getting stains out of clothing. Most of us wouldn’t hesitate to try it, especially if is meant saving time and required less energy. For real if you are heating up leftovers and you were going to preheat your oven, doesn’t it make sense to just use the microwave. That would seem the better way as it’s less work and much faster than waiting for your oven to reach its temperature and then the time it takes to heat the actual food.

I have full faith in the thought that there’s got to be a better way for most things in life, and for life itself. And I also believe that this can be applied to simple tasks and used everyday. One of the values at a local business is, find a better way. When I read that, I could firsthand relate to the concept of this because that core value is exactly the basis of why I started this blog.

Sometimes we get to a point within ourselves where what we have always known and done, isn’t necessarily the best. I read a quote once that said something like, if people are making withdrawals from you and not making deposits to your life than you will be in the negative and if you wouldn’t put your bank account in the negative than why would you allow it to your soul. To your life. The better way isn’t always about making a rag to riches type of result, sometimes its just the opposite. Going from more to less can also be just as rewarding.

For me, finding a better way is about a personal realization, that living a simpler way can have a positive impact of your daily living and thus will have a ripple effect on others. Often society makes humans feel that those who make less, are at the lower end. That if your life has a high status that you are perceived as successful. Where you work, the clothing your wear, the car you drive, the church you attend, the house you live in, society looks at all these things and then makes a judgement on where you fall in the category of success. But what if you have the best of all those things like a great paying job, brand name clothes a huge house and an expensive car and you still feel like something is missing, What do you do then?

On a personal level, I would suggest that you find yourself a better way. That you don’t let society tell you or define what success is and what it should look like. The realness of success has nothing to do with a title, but a feeling. When people see me at my work and know that I am a nurse (LPN) and they wonder why is she working here. They think of the pay loss, and some may even think its such a down grade from what I did. But I don’t think of that at all. I still remember when I told my sister that I had quite my job as a nurse and told her I would be working full time at a thrift store, I though she was going to fall out of her chair. And though I knew there would be a definite change in the paycheck, I still just jumped at this opportunity.

In a very short time, I have seen the faces of others where what they do, how they do it, and whom they do it with and for is far more important than the reward at the end. That the pay scale for me may have shifted, but the reward at the end isn’t even at the end but through out. It’s working with others that get less, but still give it their all. They are happy, thoughtful and care about what the company’s core values are and put pride into their work. Its having fun and finding enjoyment in the simple things. I love the looks on customers faces when they find the perfect find or can’t wait for me to place an item down so they can pick it up.

There’s G2B A Better Way can be applied to life and to your workplace. Understand that your better way may be different than others and respect that. And like my better way, it didn’t come without sacrifice, my family has and is going to have to make changes until everything comes together. I have also missed out on seeing the faces of friends, residents that I worked so closely with that they became like family. But I will make new friends, and over time they will become a new work family and I will still hold closely all the ones before. Finding a better way for me, is not forgetting the places and people that you met along the way. These places, people and experiences helped shape me and some will continue to be part of my story. I may not be on the front lines with my old team, but I cheer for them everyday.

Rhonda Roy

There’s G2B A Better Way (

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