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Universe or God

I read a quote on Pinterest recently that said , “ I had to make you uncomfortable - otherwise you never would have moved” - Universe

Some of us may say it’s the Universe and some may say it’s God.  Whatever it is you put your faith in that’s what it will be for you.  And I like this idea 💡that someone/something cares enough about us as individuals that when we are in a place that isn’t making positive deposits into our life but rather only taking withdrawals that thankfully some higher power can see the  struggle and puts us face to face with it that we eventually move away from whatever it is that is simply not serving us anymore.   Sometimes we as humans don’t always see that There’s g2b a better way and some of us are lucky 🍀 enough to know when to listen to that voice of reason and do what it’s telling us to do.   I felt compelled to write this post to let people know and understand that if in your life you are feeling stuck perhaps you need to be reminded that you are not a tree and you can move away from anything that is not serving your life.   I myself have many times in my life stepped away from people, places and things that were not meant for me and though sometimes I only did this because “ something “ made me uncomfortable that I wouldn’t have stepped back away from it , the point is that eventually I did.   I can speak from experience and say that you can only live in survival mode for so long and eventually you will tire from exhaustion.   But know that with work and dedication you can change your mindset and live your best life.    Mistakes and failures aren’t a bad thing, gosh can you even consider anything to be a failure or a mistake if it provided your own self with a better understanding, a better perspective.   I quit my whole career in a split second because of feeling uncomfortable/frustrated.   I then navigated towards this blog and then went to working in field that payed minimum wage and for those two and half months I learned so much about myself.  I learned so much more about other people and what’s important.  I learned that a work place can be happy and that toxicity only grows when people spread it.   The saying, The grass is greener on the other side… No folks the grass is greener where you water it.   My short time working at a local thrift store had such an impact on my life.   I walked in there today to do some shopping and I walked out back and my oldest son is working there now and I could see the workers talking and smiling and laughing and for a minute my heart smiled and I was so happy that my son is getting to experience such a positive work experience.    I have since moved on and am back at Nursing full time again with a different organization and I’m so grateful for all that I learned from my short time away.   I know that I am also not a tree and that when something doesn’t serve me I can move on my own.  I know that if I want the grass to be greener that I can water it myself.  I know that yes money is needed but that it’s not the most important factor of life.   I know that part of being successful has absolutely nothing to do with a degree 📜 but that if you are happy that is success enough.   I know that I am meant to care for people and be an advocate for those that can’t speak for themselves and even those that can but need help.  I know that I am not perfect.  That though I try to bring positivity to others and to the work place I am still only human and have many flaws and that it’s okay to water my own grass and that it’s actually important to water mine so that I can water others as well.    I think that if you can get up every day and look at yourself in the mirror and be grateful for the bad and good situations in your life , owning them and taking responsibility for them you will become a better person.   Owing your truth and your story is needed for growth both inside and out.  No one is perfect not even that person starring back at you in that mirror.  But that’s a good person to start with.  Start with you that’s who you are responsible for, and when you start to care about that reflection you see then everything else around you will change.   Take care of you , take care and love the people in your life that are present and show up , don’t over look the people that are there beside you when you are at your best or even at your worst.  There’s G2B A Better Way , and folks I will leave you with this … don’t wait for the universe to make you uncomfortable before you will move, take control of your own destiny and move for yourself.   Thanks for reading 😊.                                     Rhonda Roy There’s G2B A Better Way /

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