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Tree time

My there's g2b a better way this Christmas 🎄 is to not do it all at once but rather in stages. You may also find this approach to decorating easier and helpful if Christmas overwhelms you ( as it does me). We often try to do everything all at once and then it feels like chaos and often those moments can take the joy and spirit out of the whole purpose of Christmas. So I decided that there is not going to be a rush to get it all done at once but instead if we can do a little at a time then slowly but surely it will all come together. Our household has an early start with our decorating. On the weekend my wife rearranged the living room so we have space for the tree and the game plan wasn't to put it up til December but like I said she is patiently waiting and I'm learning that I may not have her excitement for Christmas but meeting in the middle is probably the best way so both of us can be happy. So today I sent my son out to the shed and with his help our tree is up but not decorated. And of course my wife being who she is also loves to have a tree in the bedroom on the dresser so yes I took a deep breath and that one is up as well. ( no ornaments) So its early for this stuff but now we can sit back and do all the trimmings in time. As I am writing this I can hear her come through the door and as she wrestles with the dogs I know inside her heart is happy. Actually her response was something like , "what the bleep happened here today ? But anyone that knows her is fully aware that she is happy we didn't wait til December for that damn tree 🌲 I think we can all learn from listening to those around us and it's when we listen that we understand it really is the small gestures that we do for others that will make them happy and you happy as well. ( I'll try not to point out that I have asked her three times to get my computer for me and she has yet to pass it over ) 🤪🤪 ( I'll just finish this up here on my phone for now as she has just put the tree lights on a timer and now is sitting with her plate of nachos lol) Well before I go and get my computer lol let's get back to this Christmas thing. Take it one step at a time folks. We all feel like we don't have time to do things and yes life is busy. Remember we all have the same amount of time and it's what you do with it that counts. A little here and there. I like it simple and less is more in my own personal life. I am introverted and somewhat of a minimalist , the small things make me happy but I do enjoy giving to others moreover than receiving. So today I could have went for my walk but instead I put up the tree. It's not a huge deal I suppose and quite frankly doesn't mean a thing to you reading this but it does mean something to my wife and for me it's one less thing we have to worry about. So here we are sitting in our living room the lights are on and she is done eating now patiently waiting for me to wrap this up so we can watch a Christmas movie 🍿. I'm looking at the tree all bare with no ornaments and I can't help but think that it's a good feeling to take a little extra time to do something to help make the road to Christmas a bit less stressful. I urge you the person reading this to think about all the chaos that comes with getting ready for Christmas and try to find a better way to help make it easier so you can sit down and relax. Most of all enjoy it. Remember, do what makes you happy 😊 listen to your loved ones, don't be one sided do what makes them happy as well. Thanks for stopping by

Rhonda Roy ( There's G2B A Better Way /

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