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This Is Your Captain speaking...

Well yesterday I was taking my son to his parttime job and wow the traffic within this town was backed up. Some roads were blocked off, some sort of construction just basic traffic congestion, and this time I was driving, and I sat in the car waiting for the flag person to turn the sign and wave us through and my thought was There’s G2B A Better Way… which we did not find. But how catchy is that phase… I named my blog this because I wanted another way, that with all the resources out there and tools, there has got to be another way for anything when you think about it. I mean how many YouTube videos are there teaching how to something… and then think about how many different ones there are and then each one has a different approach, but it may be quicker and or easier... thus, there’s got to be a better way. And there usually is. Some people think within the box, others outside the box and then there are those much like me that don’t even have a box, our minds are just constantly thinking and most times its just a thought process and never acted upon and then for myself, I had this strange thought process of What Now? What is the better way? Yes I am a nurse ( LPN) still am one, gosh I only left my job a short time ago, I still have my knowledge, I still have my skills. But something within me kept saying there’s G2B A Better Way. As I was trying to do some marketing for this blog last night, there are just so many ways of doing things, so many options to choose from, so many websites and apps. All of which are promoting the same thing but in a different light and then it’s backed up with the promise its easy, its fast… basically a better way. And I must be honest folks, I don’t know if I have gotten much sleep since starting this… I certainly haven’t become some famous blogger overnight, no rags to riches success here, but there is some traffic so that is a win. This is new, I’m new at this and am just simply trying to find the better way of promoting myself, finding followers, keeping followers and I’m learning very quickly that a better way is not always the easiest. This requires a lot of work, a lot of learning. And really its my goal to have this take flight and keep content real and relatable and gosh generate an income But for now even though my “better way” is not making me a dollar I have realized that every time my phone dings… its telling me someone, somewhere has stopped by my website (still under construction) I have no idea whom these folks are but I do know one thing. Some one took the time out of their day and came by… and because of that I must stay committed. I’m still finding the better way, for simply running this blog and when everyday folks stop by to check things out they are a reminder to me that a better way is coming and there are humans out there with the same thought process as mine, whatever it is for them , whatever their “ better way is” Gosh I am hoping when people come here they leave and are going away with a thought process, I want readers to leave and think.. yeah, I can relate to that, or I never thought of it like that, more importantly I want readers to think for themselves and go through their day with my title in their head “there’s G2B a better way” I encourage you to use it for yourself and think, think and think again about what the better way is for you as an individual. I couldn’t help but lay in bed last night and think about my old work family, and as I even write this blog today it brings tears to my eyes because I left so suddenly and didn’t really say goodbye to my friends, co workers, gosh residents. My better way in that moment was holding a high head and just walking. But I thought about them a lot last night and if anyone of them reads this I hope when you are on shift that you are thinking as well… A Better Way. I’m not referring to a quick way of doing something, like a lazy approach, I’m taking about inside… find a better way of thinking, of expressing, of feeling. If we all find a “better way for ourselves, gosh that must then just have a ripple effect and will be a positive gain for anyone. For anyone of my readers… say it (there’s G2B A better way) Think it often and then go and find it. I don’t want my blogs to be heavy, but sometimes you just have to write about how you are feeling. I promised real content, relatable content, and staying true to my own narrative which makes me vulnerable, my writing vulnerable and that is scary as hell. But I am perfectly imperfect and as my son use to say when he was little, “that’s what you get” The takeaway today is Think, Explore, find your way and if it’s a good thing, take some people with you along for the journey. This blog welcomes all… if you like it... I will say,” welcome, come on in, take a seat, buckle up, its going to be one hell of a ride “. Thank you for taking a few moments of your day and including me in it. And of course, as always spread the word. (Hey folks, I am marketing this thing myself, I depend on my readers for support) Thank You all so very much. Until next time, this is Rhonda Roy saying, There’s G2b A Better Way

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