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Often I have heard the quote , "Is the glass half full or half empty?" The second part to that would be that the glass is refillable. What is your glass filled with? If I was literally talking about an actual glass mine would be filled with either water or coffee 💦 ☕️ But of course I'm not talking about a basic glass or cup but rather your mind / body and soul. Each of us humans are different and we all require different things to keep us healthy. Yes we need nutrients/food to keep our bodies healthy. That also helps your mind and soul. If your body is lacking a need it usually has a way of telling us. Some humans require affection and attention to help them feel good and secure. Others don't require a lot from others and are perfectly happy on their own. They pat themselves on the back and continue doing their thing. What is for one, may not be for another. Same goes for how you see that GLASS. How you see your life? There's G2B A Better Way., I see the glass as enough at times. We as humans stress so much about being our best self and if we pause just for a moment and actually look at ourselves is there anything wrong with just being ok with where you are at now. So what if your glass/life isn't at its highest point yet and so what if you maybe in a slump at the present time. What makes us think and feel we have to always be full? Is that not a pressure we put on ourselves and how does that pressure affect us. We live in a world that doesn't stop. Every day we have more responsibility at home , at work. We juggle work , family, friends, pets so much more. Do this followed by do that. Pay this followed by pay that. Buy this and buy that. To me that sounds like exhaustion. I don't know that I want that kind of exhausting experience for my life. I don't need to always be at my best but nor do I want to always be low. What I do know is that I want to be happy. I'm happy that I have a glass and that it doesn't matter if it looks half full or half empty. Whatever it is .,, it's enough. Some days you feel like you are on a mission to success and on a high and other times you're tired and barely getting through the day. It's doesn't mean your life is better than anyone else for the high moments and it doesn't mean you are a failure for the lows. If your glass is full then be grateful not boastful. Here is the reality for your glass. If whatever is in your glass is to heavy, then just put it down. Be happy with what you have accomplished / achieved. If you have 1 friend or 20 friends, life is still meaningful and quantity does not always equal quality. Have good days and have the bad ones too. Laugh when you're feeling good and don't be afraid to be sad or angry. It's good to feel emotions the good and bad. Next time you pour yourself a cup of coffee, a glass of water heck maybe it's wine or beer. Take a moment and look at the glass, see it as your life and decide if it's enough where it's at now or do you need to make changes.

Thanks for reading

Rhonda Roy

There's G2B A Better Way/

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