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Oh deer , it’s that time of year

I write this with my resting Grinch face sending out a little word to remind everyone to breathe as the hustle begins for Christmas. Christmas is not my favourite holiday I'd much rather it be Easter or Valentines Day anything but Christmas. For many this is the most wonderful time of year and my wife is a pure example of this. She loves Christmas but she married the Grinch. lol. Now don't get me wrong I love the lights , especially outdoor lights ( which we already have up ). I enjoy the Christmas decorations although I do not enjoy rearranging everything to accommodate everything else that is Christmas. But after all that is done and everything gets in its place it is very special to sit and relax in the evenings and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. ( after the arguments of course as to what we will put up and where it will go lol I call these Christmas Nogguments) I think most households at some point have those little Christmas situations where you each have an idea and you feel like literally decking something until it's finally done. ( I had this moment yesterday when trying to put up the inside lights ) Christmas is so much work. Gosh it can really be exhausting. But when you think about it .., ( trust me I have ) I could just forget about Christmas and it wouldn't bother me. Wait .. ok.., There's G2B A Better Way .., I'll take my Grinch Face and remember that it's we the people that make this holiday so stressful and so commercialized so why not try taking Christmas back to a simpler time and realize that only we can make it less stressful by Not letting it stress us out ( I say this after ofcoarse I have had probably ten anger moments related to this season probably in the past week ) So if anyone out there finds this Holiday less than enjoyable I invite you to join with me in finding a better way. Make Christmas and the holiday season fun and relaxing. ( even if your wife has Hallmark and Christmas movies going all the time. ) lord help me 🤪 I will remember that this holiday is about the birth of Baby Jesus , it's about family and friends. It's about giving. It's fun and colourful and yes there are about 20 different versions of Joy To The World but at the end of the day it is exactly about the joy and love and peace. Let's not forget how much joy we get when you find that perfect gift for someone , and that's ok. It's good to give and it's good to feel happy about it. If it were up to my wife this house inside and out complete with tree 🌲 would have been done the day following Halloween 🎃 but we do hold off with putting up the lights til after Remembrance Day. ( do what makes you happy) I get overwhelmed so we pace ourselves with this whole Christmas stuff although I know deep down she is bursting with excitement. She loves Hallmarks movies, and all the cartoons and literally everything that is Christmas 🎄, while her grinch wife dreads when yet another Christmas Hallmark movie comes on ( in saying that lol the new movie Christmas Island is an enjoyable watch) Also with my grinch face I remember that his heart did grow three sizes and I will admit mine does too when I see the joy she gets from the movies and songs and all the little ornaments and trees 🌲 and everything that yes is Christmas. And that is what it's all about , the joy. So you see finding a better way can be as easy as seeing something through someone else's eyes. You not only see their joy you feel it. Going into this Holiday Season remember that the feeling of Christmas is different for everyone. It's happy and sad for others. It can be fun and exciting but may also be difficult and stressful for someone else. Let's try to not forget this when getting ready for such a big day. Do what makes you happy and enjoy your family traditions. Find the better way for you and your family and be happy in what works for you. Be respectful of others that they may not feel all your joy for whatever reason. Help each other out and try and remember what Christmas was like before it became so commercialized. When we could say , Merry CHRISTMAS and not leave it at Happy Holidays. When kids could have a Christmas concert at school and not have it all about Santa Clause but when we could sing Away in a Manger and actually have a manger scene. The world may be changing, but there was once a simpler time when we weren't meaning to offend anyone. A time when we said Merry CHRISTMAS because it was exactly what we meant. We were just wishing someone a Merry Christmas until someone felt it should be something else. Thanks for reading , have fun preparing for Christmas 🎄 don't get to stressed out. Joy to the World, a Silent Night to you and don't forget Away in a Manger. Rhonda Roy (there's g2b a better way/

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18 nov. 2023

I so enjoy reading your insights on different things

Rhonda Roy
Rhonda Roy
19 nov. 2023
En réponse à

Thanks. This is so nice to see. I hope you continue to enjoy it. Thanks for the support.

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