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No Expectations(means NO disappointment) when it comes to baking

Alya and I bundled up and headed for a nature walk , it was cool outside and I'm quite certain for the first 3km I couldn't feel my face and my snot was frozen 🥶 but we kept heading towards the Centennial Trail and eventually felt some warmth from the sun. It's been a few days ( actually longer) since I was out for a nice walk and today even though I hate the cold weather we got it done. It actually was a beautiful walk, strolled through town and got a few pics of homes decorated for Christmas ( you have to drive by the homes at night to enjoy the full effect of all the trimmings). Amazing how so many people just do a fabulous job preparing their homes for themselves and for others to enjoy. It really is beautiful. A lot of prep work that certainly needs applauding and a honk of your car horn when you drive by 😊 as many towns are preparing for their Parade of Lights everything looks so beautiful when the sun goes down and the bright lights come on. Sends positive vibes for the young and old. After our walk I took an honest attempt at baking sugar cookies. I bought a new baking sheet at Value Village and took an opportunity to test it out. Baking is my least favourite thing, my there's g2b a better way to baking is to not do it or simply buy it. But I had really no expectations so then there would be no reason for disappointment. But actually they didn't turn out to badly. (Ayla liked them 😊) I enjoy cooking for the family more so and the Crockpot is a super handy kitchen appliance when both of us are working. So supper is done and good to go. (Super easy for meal planning and then it looks like you slaved all day) But in reality I just threw ( placed lol) the meat in then peeled some carrots and diced up some potatoes and added some spice, turned it on

put the cover on and walked away. That was work I suppose. It's done that's the important thing and now my wife doesn't have to worry about it. Well folks I'm not sure how the rest of you are spending your day but I certainly hope it was a good one regardless if you were working or not. Next time you are out and about take a few moments to look around and take in all the beautiful Christmas lights that are beginning to be put up. We are still in November so there will be so much more to see as time goes on. Remember to enjoy the season, Enjoy the views of peoples homes and take time to think about how seeing all that beauty makes you feel and then smile and be thankful for it.

Thanks for reading

Rhonda Roy

There's G2B A Better Way /

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1 Comment

Nov 22, 2023

I thoroughly enjoy your posts and your take on things You do a great job at the way you express

things I look forward to reading G2B always interesting reading

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