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Let's Talk About Pets

There’s G2B A Better Way! And today folks its these two little cuties that are like my shadow when I’m home and are presently asleep on the couch. Or should I say, “on their couch” I am talking about our dogs. Any of you out there have pets? Well, I’m sure if you do then you know all about the highs and lows of owing a pet. We have a sign in our home that says. “It’s the dogs house, we just pay the mortgage.” How true is that? 100%

These dogs were first mine and then when my wife and I moved in together she had no choice but to adopt them as her own as well. This was easy for her to do with my puppy Ayla as she and Ayla had an instant bond. (I always joke and say that the only reason my wife married me was simply for my puppy lol) Building a bond with Ayla for her was effortless, but I had another dog that wasn’t a puppy. She was puppy size, but like a LION in attitude. Specifically, towards men and any human she felt may threaten the home and either myself or the boys. This would be my darling little Jemma. Jemma is about 6lbs, maybe a bit more, is approximately 14years old, has maybe three teeth left and though she feels like she is a LION, she needs constant reminders that she in fact a Chihuahua.

Jemma came into our family many years ago and literally she decided that we (the boys and I) were a good fit for her. Never have I ever regretted the decision to take her home and care for her. She immediately captured the boys’ hearts and we have been loving her ever since. Now the first time my wife met Jemma; it was 45mins until I could let Jemma out of my arms. No Joke! Jemma must have known that this human would also change our lives and Jemma wasn’t sure what to do about that. During this time, my wife was just in her glory because Ayla the puppy was giving her love and Ayla was loving the love she was being given back. Eventually, Jemma settled. Nope not true. Still, they have a love hate relationship, but I will say, it is improving. Jemma considers me the alpha, of course, Jemma is the ALPHA of the home. (even I know that, as does everyone else that lives here) Jemma is though adorable, I just love her spunky attitude, and she is a protector of this house and everyone in it. But her attitude is not only spunky but large. She hates newcomers and hears literally everything. I’m certain when the neighbor opens a cupboard door, she hears that, and this little dog will bark and snarl until she feels its safe for her humans. She is a great snuggler and loves to climb under the blankets at nighttime, she loves walks and if you see us out walking, don’t make eye contact with her because this just pisses her off. (she goes from 0 to 60 fast.) But she is just the best with all that aside. She is loyal to us in every way possible.

Ayla is about to turn 3 and she is a mix of three dogs. (I think) She is a Shih tzu and beagle mix also I think there is some pug in there as well. Instant love with this pup. She was and we think still is the cutest. She is the best hiking partner and loyal on the trail. If she goes ahead and doesn’t see us, she will turn back or sit and wait until we are in her sights. This pup was hard to train and still has a lot to learn. She also is a protector, but unlike Jemma whom barks and snarls, she just barks. Oh, my ears, it is the loudest bark and at times you can her the beagle with in her. It annoying and funny. Mostly annoying.

Ayla also forgets she is a dog, and thinks she is “one of us” she thinks she is people. This dog is hilarious. When she is in your arms its like she becomes lifeless and you can do just about anything, gosh you can prop her into any position, and she will stay there. She is playful, has high energy, but often gets a bad rep due to her bark. Its loud and goes on forever. She like I said is turning 3 soon and still has much to learn but is the most loving and caring dog ever. She like Jemma likes to sleep in the bed and will climb under the covers. But she is smart, she then climbs out from the covers and will lay between my wife and I in a vertical position with her head on part of the pillow and the comforter just up far enough that her little head sticks out. Really folks, how cute is that.

Where would we be without our adorable fur babies. Whether they are dogs, cats, horses, even goats whatever your pet is we all just love our pets. All pets think their humans are the best and all humans think our pets are the best as well. They bring us joy, comfort and make us smile and laugh. When they must leave this world, it is a sadness that never truly goes away. Always remembered, never forgotten, and can never be replaced.

My cat recently went MIA, and we discovered a bit ago that she is at the neighbor’s house, under their deck. No, she isn’t hurt folks, we see her, she is around. And apparently likes the food she is getting but something spooked her a few weeks ago and now she just comes for a quick visit. Drives my heart crazy but I know she is safe and ok, and I’m hopeful she will get tired of the food they give her and come back home. She has always been an indoor-outdoor cat, has a collar with a bell so you always know when she is around. Extremely lovable, and extremely smart. “Hurry up and come home Sophia, your humans miss you.” (for now, we will have to visit her at the neighbors)

God, the Universe whatever your belief systems is must have also felt, there’s G2B A Better Way for humans and thus he gave us our pets. Something to teach us about unconditional love, something that teaches us about ourselves and at time drive us crazy, thus teaching us patience.

They help us heal, but when they are gone, we rely on each other and our other pets to help guide us through our grief. Our pets grieve as well at the loss of their fur family and fur friends. So, we must guide them through their grief also. It’s just one big connection and an understanding, that they help us and protect us through life and we show up and do the same for them. There’s G2B A Better Way… Not this time folks.!

Thanks for reading, if you have pics of your pets you’d like to share, pls post them in the comment section or on my FB page There’s G2B A Better Way in the comment section under this post.

Todays post is dedicated to our pup Sophie, that had to go to heaven a while ago. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of her. Never forgotten.

Rhonda Roy

There’s G2B A Better Way

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