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😳 Is It Over Yet?

Is what over with you maybe asking well I'm referring to is this year.   I was about to call an Uber driver and get him to take me straight to 2025. Gosh we are 16 days into 2024 and I am already wishing for this year to quickly come to a close.   So far the terms and conditions that 2024 has brought my way is not attractive at all.  Let's just say that I'm sure if there was some type of contract to be signed coming into this year then I wouldn't have signed it and if I did then I'm  most certain  there was something in the fine print I completely did not see.   Often in life you have struggles and sometimes they just give you those moments where you sit back and are like, "what the fuck??" It's  in these times that you think is this shit just ever gonna end.  I have been feeling that way myself for like 16 days.  Well I'll be honest I guess it wasn't all the 16 days of January 2024 but it's been enough of them for sure.   I don't like the winter months at all mainly because I hate the cold.  So I thought skating would be a helpful fun activity to enjoy and yes at first it was great fun but things just came up and then no skating kinda happened.   Definitely not intentional just how it all went.  I'm beginning to think that if you aren't a fan of winter weather mainly for me it's the cold temperatures then winter can really win the battle.   It's easier to just stay inside when you can and not even bother with going out unless you have to.   So as someone whom writes about finding a better way and also not so long ago I did a post about writing your own story for 2024 well I guess I need to gain control back of this year and though I can't erase all the crap that I feel for 2024 so far (again only 16 days in )  I can take control and get my pen back and say , " back the hell off" to this bad unlucky shit and crawl from my seat and say "this is not the kind of year I am going to have".   Let's be honest folks , there's G2B a better way !  So if you are like me and feeling that your year so far has kinda had to many what the fuck moments ( sorry mom for the bad words lol I know you may be reading this ) then make your self a cup of coffee join me for a cigarette and let's take one hell of a deep breath and then since we can't change anything that has all ready been thrown our way we can most definitely move on.    I most generally to myself think that  there is a possibility of finding a positive in every negative situation but I'm gonna have to kinda wait on that because I'm still trying my hardest to find it.  I suppose we are all healthy here and that in itself should be enough but for me I need to find more positive and I'm still struggling but striving to do that.   And within seconds of writing that last line and also trying desperately to change my thoughts to finding the better way it has hit me.   I'm am an extremely introverted human.  Although very extroverted at my job but my job, my career as a nurse requires that of me.    The other day early hours of the morning my family and I where in a very odd situation and honestly I can't stop thinking about it.  Over the past few days it has consumed my thoughts.  But what happened is done.  No harm to myself, my wife or our son.  Left damage to our house and obviously has put strain on our minds mentally but no physical harm.   Even though as I sit home here and can still here the noise from the other morning what I think most about was the overall feeling of support from people we know and actually didn't know.  My wife's social circle is very full and I'd say she is the social butterfly of this marriage , but I am absolutely amazed at the supportive words that came our way.  After of course all the rage came out from within me and also our family members that also felt just sick about it.  After all that settled and I sat back and read the comments from some known and not known to me I was really just so grateful that there are humans out here in this crazy world that actually care.   You don't need to know anyone on a personal level to send a positive message of support and make their day and thoughts improve.  Words definitely impact the life of another human.   Words aren't always positive, gosh that  day there were a lot of words that came out of my mouth and trust me folks none of it was good.  My wife is a very calm spirit and displays here emotions very different than myself.   She perhaps shed some tears but rest assure she married a loin and my roar was loud.   But I'm ok with that.  I consider myself a very caring human.   I am my family's biggest supporter and advocate also the same with my work.  I adore my residents/families and am also their biggest advocate as well.  But you put anything that means something to me of value in harms way and you will then see a very strong side of me.   Sometimes the only time a person here's my heart is only when it's been pushed to the point that it comes out in fire.   Not the type of fire you want to sit by and get cozy warm but rather the one you'd like to put out quickly.   I don't think any of us want to be in that state of fire all the time I know for certain I don't.  It's exhausting.  It causes physical harm to your body and mental stress as well.   In saying that I don't feel that we as humans need to be nonchalant about anything that impacts us and our loved one's lives in a negative way.  So what's done is done.  I was completely ready to just crawl into bed and not get out of it until next year , but in life you have to show up for yourself and your family and friends.  The neighbours that you don't know but wave to or say a friendly hi to once  in awhile it all matters.  If your 2024 year has been off to a rough start  then after you feel it and express it, when all the necessary energy and words you need to use to get through the experience I urge you to in a calm moment find , the better way.   There's G2B a better way right? it's simple but also hard so hard perhaps let's just put it down and not carry it the heavyweights.  The year may have started off with a lot of "what the fucks" but it doesn't have to continue like that.   The better way is finding the calm and quiet and carry that instead.  It looks like your spouse,  your children, family, friends.  It's your neighborhood, pets.  It can be nature or a cup of coffee.  It looks like your favourite store, your workplace and anything else that comes to your life bringing a positive impact.  It's the people you don't know but express love and support when needed.  It's always the ones you do know that take a moment to stand up for you.  16days into this year is only 16days.  16 of 365 that's all.   What about the other 349days left? If your year is off to an amazing impressive start then that's great it's wonderful actually.  But if you're kinda like me and have not been so fortunate to have the first 16days be all amazing then remember we have 349 days left in our year.  Just this year. There are so many more to come.  I read a quote that said, " You only live once " the rest of that quote is "False ! You die once BUT you live everyday "

Thanks for reading

Rhonda Roy

There's G2B a better way/

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Jan 16

Another post that makes you think about all things May the remainder of the year be good to you

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Always an interesting read

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