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I Did It My Way...

It’s a dismal day out there in this part of the world (Nova Scotia for me) I was up through the night several times and it was raining, thundering and lightening. That part seems to have settled now but no sign of sun. I love the sun and heat, it’s my fav. Last evening, I was so happy to be able to meet up with a buddy of mine that I use to work with. For me being so introverted this was a big deal. I usually try and dismiss myself for any type of human interaction as it is exhausting to me. No, it’s not that humans in general are the problem but more so it’s exhausting to my internal self. Making plans then actually committing to them. Its was ok when it would be a work-related thing but when its personal, well that is a completely different idea of having to actually do it. But yesterday after posting … I was really missing some of the work family that I have known over the years, so I sent a txt to my buddy, and we met up for coffee and a walk and it was wonderful. The type of human interaction that I needed. We got to chat and laugh, walk and after what seems forever of knowing her, I found out for the first time where she lived. So odd that you can know someone for such along time and not know where their house is. I Know that she reads this blog of mine and I wanted to take just a few minutes to just let her know that I really appreciate her as a human, she is such a great one too, one of the best. Thanks, my friend… Avocado. (There are just a certain group of people that will understand the meaning behind that word avocado, and someday folks I will share it with you) Ok, so its sappy enough outside let’s not make this post sappy as well. There’s G2B A Better Way… like I mentioned yesterday there is so much content on “how to do’s” and that has me thinking this morning about my personal life here at home. If’s it’s a dismal day where you are reading from well then, I hope this brings you some cheer. So, if you know me on a personal level then you are fully aware that I never have a plan and nor do I ever claim I have the best organizational skills, mainly because I don’t. (I hope no future employers are reading this) What I can say is that I work best in the actual moment of life, put me on the spot and I thrive, put me in front of humans and ask me to engage them and I most certainly can. I am proud of this quality because it is not something that someone may expect and introvert to have. But that is me and I am 100% at my best under these types of situations. Alright that said, (stay on topic Rhonda ) In our home let’s try a there’s G2B A Better Way example. My wife (God love her as she is sitting behind me on her gaming system enjoying her day off and has no idea, I am here writing about us) So, my wife complains a lot, or rather mumbles under her breathe that all (or most) of the knives in with the utensils have bent ends. How is this possible? Here it is folks... How to change a battery in your outdoor solar lights Step 1 Get the lights and turn them on, hold them under your shirt just to provide enough darkness that they come on. Yup they work. Step 2. Set up the solar lights. Step 3 have a coffee and sit back and enjoy all the wonderful work you did. Step 4. Wait for nighttime and look at the beautifulness you have displayed. Step 4 umm its dark, but no light, go outside and make sure they are turned on. Step 5 umm it’s darker… and still no light, this is the step where you bitch to anyone within bitching distance cause after all that work you got nothing. So now you go to bed pissed off at the world, (I mean solar lights are my fav, so I have a right to be mad at anything and everyone but myself of course) you get up the next day… and wait for Step 6 to take place. This step requires a screwdriver now like my wife I am sure many of your partners have a toolbox and in this box is everything you will need to take that screw out and replace that damn battery. But remember this is me… and the utensil drawer is way closer than that toolbox and being a single parent most of my life I have learned to become a very resourceful human and I know that a knife can also be used as a screwdriver. I go and get the multipurpose knife (can cut vegetables, cut cheese, cut anything and also unscrew little, tiny annoying screws from your solar lights) Now this would be your household pairing knife, the butter knife is to big but it can be used also a flathead screwdriver, in any other household project. (that’s a future post) So in the process of driving the tip of the knife in that you may or may not bend (twist) the tip of your knife. Well for the sake of being honest, you will most definitely bend and or twist, possible even break off the tip of that knife! But you get the job done and put in new battery and screw it back together. But this time you are smarter, so you only put in like two screws cause the other ones are not really needed. And end of steps... no one got hurt, the lights work, and all is good in the world. With the exception… your pairing knife has a little added character now. Step whatever we are on now… is clean knife… put away. ( kid wants cheese, cut cheese with same knife) Wow, take a break cause that was a lot of work, I’m exhausted just taking you all through that) I’m pretty sure we missed a couple of steps because somewhere you should have had wine, maybe a coffee, maybe needed a smoke, called your mom I don’t know but I’m sure there is a self care step in addition to the one at Step 3! Wait for it… There’s G2B A Better Way… My wife’s approach to this same project. 1. Get old solar lights from shed and toolbox. 2. Replace old batteries with appropriate tool (you do this because these batteries are from last year and they won’t last long) 3. Turn lights on to ensure they work, put them up and walk away and oh yes put toolbox in the exact place you got it from. Done. But There’s G2B A Better Way…. Buy New Solar Lights. Thanks for reading folks!

Have a great day, keep it real. Rhonda Roy (There’s G2B A Better Way

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Aug 05, 2023

And then your wife buys a new paring knife and hides it to keep it safe from ...

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