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hello readers...

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, where ever it is that you are reading this from... we have all made it through to another day! Great Job my fellow humans. When I got on here a bit ago, my heart was overwhelmed at the amount of views I had on my first blog, and the comments were great and trust me greatly needed. Also got some txt messages from some super important humans and really tbh it was just what I needed to get back on here. I am still learning, trying to make this site more personal, so when you click on the home page it may and most likely will be changing until I get it to where I want it to be. Patients my friends. Speaking of friends, I got a lovely txt this morning from a great human and they mentioned about how they liked that fact that I was vulnerable and open. Well anyone that knows me is fully aware that I am an extremely INTROVERTED person. My career in nursing over the years I had to be EXTROVERTED, but outside of work I was the complete opposite. Here though I can be extroverted with my writing, Its a safe space and actually comfortable at the moment. Making yourself vulnerable is challenging but really can be quite rewarding with respect to personal growth. I believe personal growth is different for everyone , for now this platform is growth for me. So... last evening I went to my moms and really if you are venturing in uncharted waters, ( so to speak) I suggest you go to your moms. lol Cause even if they do not understand what the heck you are doing, they just say nothing but praise and are like, " if anyone can do it, you can" Thanks mom for words of encouragement, but yup I still have no idea what I'm doing, BUT your support means everything. My oldest son also is like , ''way to go mom", my youngest very skeptical, lol still reminding me that our local fast food establishments are hiring. My wife, well she is on both sides of this coin, somewhere in the middle, and I love her for that. We are set very differently in certain areas of life. She is by the book ( for the most part), doesn't like change. likes to have a plan.. and me well I take risks, challenge the norm, and never have a plan. Yet, despite all that we seem to balance each other out. Most of the time anyway, can't help but kind of laugh when I write that, but its true. She is probably my biggest fan, and also is the most skeptical as well. But that's ok. I am fully aware , trust me I understand, I am not making money here, just trying to write some interesting content, gain a following and just do what I love and that's writing. I have my resume on hand ready to go, have no idea where going is right now, but it will be where I want to go that is for sure. For now I can tell you that I will be blogging daily, so please keep this going and pass the word along and enjoy. ( search me in the Google search engine.) and share the link to all your friends and family ! For now though I do have to go, browse through the job bank and see what life has to over. Or perhaps , What I have to offer life. My oldest son just dropped by, not to visit me lol but I'm thinking to use the laundry services, and eat the food. Also his fur babies came along, so this house is not very quite at the moment. My wife can be happy she is at work , so she doesn't have to listen to this confusion until all fur babies find their happy place, which atm seems to be me. ( Lord, help me) My poor neighbors, no worries, this nonsense you hear from our home will settle down shortly. That's all for now my fellow readers. Thanks for stopping by. Remember, there's G2B A Better Way....

until next time... From my home to yours, Have a wonderful day!

Rhonda Roy

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