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Grown Ass Adult/Grown Ass Kid

I recently read that part of being successful with blogging is to have a catchy title. Hope this one is catchy enough to make people want to click and read. So this morning I messaged my oldest son Seth ( I can actually use his name, as he gave me permission via txt lol) I txted him this morning before beginning to write simply just to get permission for name usage. Now when I sent the message my first thought was how long will it take him to reply. Some experience with this kid has been either no reply, late replying or as the case this morning a reply within a few minutes. ( thanks Seth) At times I have messaged this him in the past and said, " Good Morning, miss you , love you , have a great day" and then at night I would get a reply " miss you love you too". And my first thought was always, " Gee, was this kid dead all day" But , now he is getting better at responding in a more timely manor. So, yesterday Seth came for a visit, I dont see him often , and no he doesn't live a great distance away but non the less he was here yesterday. So his visits usually have a purpose, laundry, and or food related. Yesterday it was laundry. I have to take a deep breath sometimes, cause when he comes to do his laundry it usually hasn't been done in awhile and so that means there is a crap load of wash needing to be done. But to my surprise, it was minimal and so I am just gonna assume that him and his gf are staying on top of it or he just came with a light load. Doesn't really matter. So he starts doing his laundry, ( and if he thinks he is using the dryer, well he knows better, the sun is shining and we have a wash line.) I don't say anything but umm has anyone out there watched their grown ass adult kids do laundry.. They separate NOTHING, and I mean nothing. So OMG this just drives me... and I am beginning to think he does it on purpose cause he knows that I will eventually take over.. and true that. ( I sure did) I finish up the laundry, hang it on the line ( looks so nice on the line, makes me smile) He went to the superstore with his brother, brought me back a coffee seems like a nice thoughtful thing but wait a minute. Is this his first time meeting me.. I mean I raised this kid... He lived with me, so why in hell would this kid bring his mother back a DECAF coffee. That's right folks a DECAF coffee. Now as much as I love him there was this part of me that was like in total shock. That I have failed as a parent, my own flesh and blood doesn't even know what kind of coffee I need to be able to function the day. When he handed it to me, he even said, " Didn't know what to get you, so I got decaf..." Didn't know what to get me???? I almost need to apologize to him, as somewhere in his life between potty training, getting him dressed, sneaker tying, school, my gosh even driving, also teaching him to make rice ( via facetime lol) and reminding him to turn burners off... somewhere in amongst all this and that,.. I forgot to say, Oh and by the way... Never get me decaf coffee, its literally a waste of life... I will take a MED Triple Triple !!!! Of actual freakin real coffee!!! Seth, continued to visit the rest of the afternoon, ( he was waiting for his laundry to dry lol ) During this time, he and his brother interact with each other, and its like the first time they have ever met. My youngest always feels the need to want to wrestle, then there is the gaming systems, and I know the folks on the next street could hear the craziness. And then there is the shaming each other with their talk, Which I do not understand, but they both have smiles on their faces, so the rudeness and words has got to also be how this generation asks with love. The term " bro" is used so much they even say it to me. They bring me joy, and drive me crazy all at the same time. Seth's dog got sick while he was here, Little Gizmo, puked on the floor, and I tried to get him outside but this dog just stood in our kitchen and while heaving would not move, much like Seth when he was little, when he would get sick his last thought was to try and get to a bathroom, this kid literally would just puke where he was and it didn't matter if the toy box was right in front of him... It seemed like the perfect spot to him So back to little Gizmo, he like his human dad just stood there, and yup folks this weird substance came up and then it happened. I took one look and almost woofed my own cookies, I kid you not I couldn't even look at it, I had to go out side just to keep that DAMN DECAF COFFEE down ( wouldn't want to waste that ) Seth just started laughing, I don't think he has ever seen me literally run from puke before...he was like, '' mom what are you doing? You are a nurse? " Yup , 100% kid correct, I am a nurse, NOT a vet. completely 2 different things" Long story short .... he cleaned it up... Gizmo was fine, coffee stated down and we shared a great laugh. Seth laughed, I laughed and I think after it was all said and done... little Gizmo laughed as well. While Seth was here he was doing his best to show me how to make my way through some sites... He laughed as I was trying to copy and paste a link. The pasting part wasn't the problem but rather the copying ( I blame it on the mouse) Its full circle, we teach our kids things, then they teach us. I had a great fun visit with him, Just love this kid and super proud of what he is doing with his life, pursuing a passion. ( and I don't understand it but I guess I don't need to) it makes him happy. He said to me yesterday, " Mom, you have to believe in what you write" He told me when he first started trying to be a scout for some hockey teams that someone once commented that he sucked and should never do it again.. Guess what.. he kept at it and is having success. Grown Ass Kid... still my little boy... giving me advice. Thanks BRO! End of the day.. when he was getting his clothes off the line... he threw them in his hamper... no folding whatsoever , I guess when I forgot to teach him about my coffee I also somewhere forgot to teach about laundry as well. Grown Ass Kid...Thanks BRO

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