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Find your Vacation 😊

Recently read a quote that said, "Find a vacation in every day. Even if it's just a coffee or a walk". After reading that I couldn't help but think how such a simple thought process put on paper and then share it to the world was the most satisfying thing I had read that particular day. Most of us work full time then take care of our home our family, our pets. There is this appointment then that appointment, we run here there and every where. There is always something for most of us. So today after I finished cleaning and doing laundry. Ayla and I took just that approach and instead of us going for a walk we found that there's G2B a better way and so today our walk was called a "vacation " and just having that mindset as we got in the car made all the difference. It didn't feel like a chore or something that was just done to say it got done. I literally looked at this crazy dog and said , ok pup we are going on vacation. So we drove to the beach and though that storm sure hit Rissers Beach hard let me tell you that our vacation walk was amazing. I usually walk with my headset on and listen to music but today I shut it off and just enjoyed the beautiful sound of the waves. Me being in my vacation mode walk kept thinking the whole time about how different this walk feels when the whole point is to feel like a vacation. Ayla was on her best behaviour there were a lot of people walking with their dogs as well. A few people were sitting and reading but Ayla and I just walked and enjoyed it all. Our first vacation day of 2024. So much planning goes into a vacation and this was the simplest vacation I have ever had. The sky was perfect blue, the sand was beautiful, the sounds were calming. It wasn't just a walk for a moment it felt like an actual trip but with absolutely no stress. I never thought about finding a vacation in every day before, I have been known to say , find the good in everything or find the positive in a negative situation, but never thought to find a vacation in every day. Next time you go for coffee or a walk or have to go to the grocery store tell yourself you are going on a vacation. It might make the difference between having something feel like a chore to more like a satisfying experience. I don't know where that quote came from or whom thought it but to them I'd like to say ,"thank you ". Of course after our vacation walk, I had to take a vacation trip to the grocery store and then another vacation trip to the gas station. After that we came home and I made supper. Or shall I say , a vacation meal cause after a long day to say I had to cook supper makes it seem like a chore whereas a vacation meal seems more satisfying. Give it a try folks. Find your vacation in every day. As I end end this for the day Ayla lays beside me sound asleep cause we all know vacations can be exhausting.

Thanks for reading 😊

Rhonda Roy

there's G2B a better way/


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I truly enjoy reading your posts and always looking for the next one .

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