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Don't Be A Bystander

Today is Pink Shirt 👚 Day! Stand up against bullying. Themes for a lot of schools may consist of: Be A Buddy, Not A Bully/ Be A Hero And Stand Up To Bullying





Sadly, but true there is bullying taking place in our schools and even workplaces still today in the year 2023. Not sure if it is getting worse or better but people are more aware of it and are speaking out and standing up. Regardless, it is important to continue to send the message loud and clear that it is wrong and will not be tolerated.

I feel that it is important to send the message to children in school, all grade levels and that it shouldn’t stop there as this movement needs to continue within workplaces, all places. This is a very serious topic and is not just physical, as bully takes shape in many forms including Physical Bullying, Social Bullying, Verbal Bullying and Cyberbullying all forms affecting mental health and all aspects of well being. Truth is that bullying takes place everywhere and it needs to stop. It is very courageous when an individual takes a moment to stand up and say, “this is wrong and needs to stop🛑”

Back in 2007, a Valley boy in Grade 9 wore a pink shirt to school and was bullied. A group of students then showed up wearing pink and organized a protest. And that movement has continued and has inspired many anti-bullying campaigns. A round of applause 👏 to those students that instead of looking away took the time to send a strong message that something needs to change, and that bullying will not be tolerated. This message is for children of all ages and adults as well, we can learn from each other and set an example for all to see.

We as humans maybe bullying someone but not even realize it. Sometimes you may post something on the internet, and someone may be offended and call you out on it. I had this happen to myself if I maybe honest a while ago. I posted a meme that was related to management and most saw the humor in it, but clearly there were some that did not. (my wife is in management, I’m still not sure if she found it funny) Regardless, we must be careful.

News Flash folks is that bullying exists, and it is not only the victim of the act that needs help, I believe that help is also needed for the bully as well. Whether it is in our schools or workplace (any place) it is important to make sure all humans are treated with respect and every place should be a safe space for all. I understand there can be a fine line, I read this recently so I will share it with you,

Is It Bullying?

When someone does or says something hurtful without meaning to and they do it once, that’s RUDE

When someone does or says something hurtful on purpose and they do it once, that’s MEAN.

When someone does or says something hurtful on purpose and they do it again and again, that’s BULLYING

Something for us all to think about. I think that when we talk to our kids about bullying, we as adults need to look at ourselves and everyone needs to take the message of ANTI-BULLYING everywhere we go.

There’s G2B A Better Way so don't be a bystander and remember that before we as humans can judge each other, we must be perfect ourselves. We are all perfectly imperfect. Thanks for reading. This is Rhonda Roy saying Stand Up Against Bullying

(There’s G2B A Better Way,

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