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Clear Your Own Path

My son found that, there’s G2B A Better Way to his thoughts of “there is no food” in this house. While we were a follow up to my blog post yesterday (Character Building…trying to stay sane) my son yesterday found that, there’s G2B A Better Way to his thoughts of “there is no food” in this house. While we were out yesterday and on our way home, my cell phone rings through my cars Bluetooth while driving… and its As my son. “Where are you guys? I replied, “we are on our way home Why?” him: “can you stop at No Frills and pick me up, I bought some groceries?” to which I replied, “sure!” Excited to see what he bought and stunned that he walked from home to the store. I drive up and there this kid is standing outside the store with the biggest smile on his face holding that big yellow reusable grocery bag. He gets in the car and shares what the contents are within his bag… Below is the pic to support this. I don’t think he is going to share any of the products, but we were super excited that he saved himself some money and got a 50% off item. From experience, I told him that next time he goes to the store to pick up stuff to cure his that he should take a backpack. His response was, “yea I was thinking about that.” So, there it is, this generation can be self sufficient. They can problem solve; there’s G2B A Better Way it. And he found it!

Let’s Move On! One of my favorite quotes, (and trust me I have a lot of them) is by Ralph Waldo Emerson “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Now, those words to me are insightful. I like to explore. When I am hiking for the most part I stay on the trail, but I love to veer off and explore the path less travelled. Sometimes there is no path, so you make your own. I get the best feeling and the best pictures. I have never been one to follow the crowd, never been one to do something just because everyone else is. Everyone’s path is different, we are all on a journey. For some of us that journey is a clear-cut destination, and for other’s there is no set destination just a course that you are on and where you end up can be almost any place. It may feel like you are in a maze at times and that you are always coming to a roadblock, but eventual you get through it and find your way out.

Life is a journey and at times it can be an amazing one, or one that feels less than an enjoyable experience. People are always saying...” live life to the fullest”, “Do what makes you happy”,” Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve” These are great narratives for life, wonderful thoughts to have in our mindset and the mindset of our children, family, friends. I mean haven’t you ever said to anyone, “You can do it”, “reach for the stars” (I know I have.) But tell me have you ever said to anyone, “take the road less travelled”, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Not many of us have said that as words of encouragement to others, let alone ourselves. The words “go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” people may think you are crazy. Basically, you are telling them to find their own way. This may be the hard way, and most folks don’t like the unknown, let alone the hard. Some need their path laid out for them, and a clear step by step process on how to get to the end goal. (Whatever that may look at for them)

Perhaps instead of saying it to others you simply say it to yourself. In this moment of the now. Find a quiet place, sit down with yourself and read this sentence aloud, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” What is your emotional response to this? Where is your thought process going? What does this look like to you? There is no right or wrong answer, this is very individual. The object is to get your thought process going. Something to think about. The idea of knowing that if you are on a path that is leading you to a place of unease, know also that veering off the path and taking your own route is an option. Who knows, perhaps it’s a wonderful path for you. I mean its going in the direction of you. You decide the direction in which you are going, and what if its so great that then others follow and go on the trail that you just mapped out.

I am not an expert in life, nor do I claim to be. But I do have experience and have travelled many paths in life, and most times I set my own course, walked my own path and this didn’t always lead to success and or happiness. Looking back on it and thinking about it now, I can laugh and shake my head about some of the paths I decided to take in life, and it wasn’t always pretty folks, but I can honestly say... I set the direction myself, and when it didn’t work out for me, I changed the direction, pushed away the stuff in the way and tried another way. Remember, there’s G2B A Better Way.

Like right now, I have left the familiar, and stepped into the unknow. I left the trail that is clear cut, veered off and am on a path that I feel someone for got to clear out. But its my job to do the clearing. It’s my job to find the direction. It’s my job to “find the better way.”

This blog post is not meant for you make huge life changes, or any change at all. I am not a psychologist; I don’t proclaim to have any answers to life’s greatest mysteries and am not able to give expert advice. My take on this blog from the beginning was to give readers relatable content, based on personal experience, in hopes that they return for more and for them to read and spark a thought process within themselves. I do often tell people that they are not a tree, you are not stuck. (not exactly how that quote goes) I can say that before you say anything to anyone else, say it always to yourself first! Thanks for reading.

Rhonda Roy

There’s G2B A Better Way

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