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And Go...

so, here I am, literally looking at myself from the reflection of this screen and saying, ( as I'm typing ) What Rhonda are you doing? and I continue to shake my head but the fingers are still typing, and I still have no idea in hell what I am doing. To give a bit more light into why I am so lost in this blogging space and in this online space. Well, I'm 47years old and really not a techy smart person, and I have been in healthcare working 18 plus years as a Nurse LPN. That is up until literally a week ago, when I literally was just exhausted from from working short all the time, having job demands grow and feeling like I had no support from some managers. I became frustrated after working an extremely difficult weekend and was totally at the end of my rope when I had to explain the details to my manager about the frustrations and ended up feeling like I had to defend myself for something out of my hands. And basically that " something" was the actions and point of view of others. I literally got up from the meeting and went to make a coffee, instead turned around walked back to the meeting, opened the door and said, " I quit" and now I am here. So yes, this is scary, and yes this is total out of my comfort level and not at all a space where I have any knowledge, but I'm here. Simply put, there's got to be a better way. ( there's G2B a better way) A better way to live life, a better way to make a living, a better way to anything. I'm about to find out. IF the risk is worth it, or will this just crumble and I'll start all over again. My teenage son, thinks this is early retirement, and just informed me that McDonalds is hiring. ( Thanks Kid!) My thoughts are, people go out on a limb all the time, and succeed. I have read really boring articles and gosh some of these folks make more money than I did nursing full time. So yeah, there's G2B a better way, and its now or never. Stay tuned for some more blogs, I can promise they will be real, easy to relate to. Give me time and You will see.

thanks for reading


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