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Again not getting mom of the year award

hey there fellow readers hope you are all doing well. This is just a quick post saying that oh my I have faulted yet again at this mom of the year award. Missed that fb post 💯. None the less life has been busy and when life gets busy I most certainly forget just about everything and I forgot completely to acknowledge my boys in the fb world yesterday for National Sons Day ! So as I sat here scrolling through all my fb friends posts of their amazing sons I was like ," oh shit " I missed that one. I even reminded myself yesterday and then still forgot. Lord help me. Ok so I will do the mom walk of shame. And as always you are waiting for my there's G2B a better way approach to this situation and umm 🤔 I'm still waiting for that myself lol. BUT better late than never. So Happy Belated National Sons Day to my amazing boys Seth and Kyle. Raising boys is always inspiring, WAIT there's G2B a better way of putting that and there is lol. How about I just say that raising boys is INTERESTING! There that's it ! And I'm sure they are not one bit surprised that I am a day late acknowledging their existence. I know that they are use to my forgetfulness, I am literally just zooming here through life like a chicken with my head cut off but most importantly allowing and welcoming new experiences and opportunities. I hope you are all doing the same , and are welcoming growth into your life and finding your own there's G2B a better way for yourself. Ready , Set , Go right ? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. There doesn't have to be speed to your direction , we all move at our own pace. In other news :My wife and I are on a small vacation and have some day trips planned. I will keep you posted on our little adventures. Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to read this quick blog. It's short and sweet today folks. Have a good one. Rhonda Roy ( TheresG2B A Better Way /

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