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A Job Lottery

You matter

I have faith that this post will reach its intended audience.  For I know that there are many people out there that perhaps feel much heavier in their heart than they did when they woke up this morning.  Some though are feeling lighter and happy, and those of us that are around them should be happy for them.  We all knew some of us would come out with smiles and then there would  be some without a cheerful face.  Some of us are struggling and this day was less than satisfying.  I personally feel like I am caring the weight of the world mainly because I feel and can feel others hurt.  I feel very compassionate about people’s lives and when something happens causing good people to feel hurt and not valued I believe someone has to be big enough to step up and at least let people know that they are not alone.  I am happy for anyone that gets or receives joy.  We should celebrate with those we care about in their joy.  An opportunity came their way and it worked in their favour.   We should build each other up.  I went to the beach for a walk this evening, I had so much on my mind and in my thoughts.  I need to think.  I needed fresh air.  I took my mom with me, I drove with this tension inside me for not just me but others and as much as I tried to release it I couldn’t.  I couldn’t because I saw the looks on people’s faces today and I read the eyes and I knew how some felt because I knew how I felt.  I didn’t know how to express myself because when you feel that heavy inside it’s really hard to get it out respectfully.  But there’s G2B a better way right? I stood in the ocean water and got my mom to take my pic of my arms stretched out gosh I still had my uniform on but I wanted people to know that I care.  If you were one whom had a smile today, I care and I smile with you.  But if you were like myself feeling defeated, I also care.  Folks let me tell you this , You are not broken, the system is.   All that time you have given and all that work you have done.  Does not go unnoticed by coworkers or those you care for.   To them you are not a number.  To them you matter.  You came into this to care for people.  To give people a sense of purpose and a quality of life.  You are not a number to them.  They are not our blood relatives but we call them a nanny and gramp.   We care for them and love them just like our own.  Yes it’s our workplace but first it’s their home.  They have no idea what is taking place around our employment.  They see us and look for kindness and compassion and respect.  Even when we aren’t at our best and feeling depleted, like today for some of us.  We still put that aside the best we can and give of ourselves.   It’s a hard time working 8 - 12hrs holding your self together when you just want to fall apart.  Stand together and hold each other up.  You are not a number to the people around you, and you are certainly valued and respected by everyone you care for.   Today was hard for me and I know it was hard for some others as well.  Take deep breath and remember that your disappointment is not with the ones you work with or those you care for.  You are not broken, the system is broken.   Lean on the people that know your worth and then move forward.

Thanks for reading, I hope this reaches my targeted audience and if it does please share this post.

As I take a deep breath I’ll say thanks for reading,

Rhonda Roy

There’s G2B a better way/

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